Uncovering the truth about someone

Have you ever been in a situation where you meet someone new, getting to know one another and things are just going great? Then suddenly, you start noticing odd, unusual behavior. Your gut instinct is tingly, and you start questioning some things about this individual. Or have you been in a situation where you are able to begin a business you’ve been working so hard on and have a business partner willing to take this leap with you and you may have heard some not-so-pleasant things about this person? These are just a couple of scenarios that one may face in life. So, what do you do?

Well, did you know that you have the option to run a full criminal and civil background check on someone? And all you need is their full name, date of birth or estimated age, and any last known address?! A lot of information can be revealed that you may not have been aware of most of the time and can help shed light on those gut instincts or help you decide on the best steps you may need to take moving forward in life.

Yes, there are many websites online that may offer this service as well for a fee, but did you know that those sites are not as accurate, as detailed, or up to date with information unlike a Private Investigator can obtain? As private investigators, we have access to databases that is not available to the public, and you need to have proper licensing to be able to access this information.

Sit back and think, is a peace of mind and your future worth it to know the truth? Give us a call, here at The Agency, Inc for a free consultation and we would be more than happy to assist as needed.

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