Insurance Fraud

There are many different types of insurance fraud and well-hidden techniques or complex legal jargon can often make them difficult to prove. One of the most common fraud schemes that plagues workers and employers is workers compensation fraud. The Agency Inc. conducts thorough workers comp and insurance fraud investigations in Maryland and Virginia to ensure you are receiving fair, honest treatment.

Workers compensation insurance is intended to give businesses and workers a safety net in hazardous jobs. When premiums are paid and properly entered, workers comp covers medical appointments, surgeries, medications and lost wages if a worker is injured on the job. Workers comp insurance fraud can be conducted by either workers or employers to receive inflated compensation amounts. Some workers may exaggerate injuries on the job to increase payments, while others may be injured outside the workplace and still attempt to claim workers comp. The Agency Inc. investigates these instances and provides evidence to support or discredit the claim in court.

Don’t be a victim of an insurance fraud scam. Call The Agency Inc. to learn more about other forms of insurance fraud, workers compensation and the details of a private investigation.