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The Agency Inc. finds answers to your most pressing questions, and gives you evidence to act on. Since 1985, The Agency’s investigative experts have used state-of-the-art technology and discreet, professional investigative work to find answers and uncover evidence. With video footage, pictures, GPS tracking, emails, phone calls and more, you will finally be able to put you suspicions to rest and have solid evidence to take legal action.

The Agency Inc. investigates a wide variety of private and corporate disputes and suspicions in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. Experienced field investigators with military, legal and law enforcement backgrounds make a strategy customized to each client’s needs and conduct a thorough, discreet and tactful investigation. For those who are uncertain about spousal or partner fidelity, have child custody disputes, are searching for missing persons, require background checks on employees, or require assistance with other civil or criminal matters, Maryland and Virginia private investigator services from The Agency Inc. are your solution.

Whatever conclusions are found, you will be able to move forward with closure and peace of mind. Call today to learn more about investigative services from The Agency Inc.

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The Agency Inc
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The Agency, Inc BBB Business Review