Place of Employment History

Employment Background Information Services

Few things worry human resource departments, business owners and organization leaders more than hiring than wrong person. Moreover, when you do hire someone, you want to be sure their employment history is accurate and that you’re aware of any red flags.

Fortunately, when you entrust in the expert investigators at the Agency Inc, you won’t have to worry about flying blind when hiring new employees, volunteers or verifying the place of employment history of a potential business partner.

The Benefits of Employment History Research Services

Regardless of the industry you’re in, hiring new talent is a major expense for businesses, and hiring the wrong person could cost even more money and setbacks for your company. As such, it’s vital that you’re working with all the pertinent information you need to make prudent hiring.

This is especially true regarding a prospective hire’s employment history. Too often, we hear of horror stories where a company hires a new prospect based on his or her impressive work history, only to find he or she outright lied or withheld important information.

Even worse than lying about previous places of employment or job titles is when someone withholds information about why they left a particular company. If a prospect left a previous job due to say a violent incident or a criminal incident such as a theft, it’s vital that prospective employers know this information and can make a truly educated decision on whether or not to bring the prospect into their organization. We provide flat rates on our investigative services. What’s more, we’ve been providing investigative services like place of employment history research for over 41 years, so we know the steps to take to provide you with the answers you seek. To learn more about our services, contact us today.