Skilled Private Investigator in Columbia, MD

For over 40 years, The Agency Inc. has been providing discreet, expert investigation and surveillance services to the people of Maryland and Virginia. Our company has been changing the lives of clients with our revered and proven services since our inception. We make it our goal to secure you the answers, legal evidence, sense of safety, and peace of mind you need.

Get reliable explanations and tangible proof with infidelity investigations in Columbia, MD.

If you suspect your spouse may be cheating, the experienced PI team at The Agency Inc will inconspicuously conduct a thorough investigation into their questionable behavior. We are dedicated to using our advanced technology and superior training to put an end to the deceit and getting the answers that will alleviate your stress and anxiety. The Agency Inc. won’t stop until we uncover the truth.

Ensure your child’s safety with our child custody detective services.

Our hard-working investigators will work consistently to identify instances and patterns of abuse, neglect, and unfit environments to which a second guardian may be subjecting your child. Monitor what happens when you and your child are separated so you always know whether they’re receiving the best possible care.

The Agency Inc will gather evidence you can use in court through GPS tracking, communication interception, and recorded observation to bring your child home to you.

Stay informed with professional background investigators in Ellicott City, MD.

It’s important that you always know who you’re bringing into your life and the lives of your loved ones. Take control of this knowledge with the comprehensive background checks we offer at The Agency Inc. We specialize in tactful but thorough personal, criminal, financial, civil background checks and more.

Secure the verified history of your potential employees, child educators, neighbors, tenants, and anyone that may be trying to become involved in your personal or professional life.

Don’t wait for answers!

Delegate your concerns to The Agency Inc., and we will work to delicately gather the information you need to put your mind at ease and support any legal action you may have to take. To learn more about the reliable private investigator services we offer in Columbia, Maryland and beyond, visit our website or contact us at 410-244-0003 today!