Private Investigator and Detective Specialists in Arlington, VA

The Agency Inc. has been conducting expert private investigations using state-of-the-art technology and highly-skilled detectives since 1985. Our top priority if finding solutions to ease the burdens of the people of Arlington, VA. We are committed to channeling our 40+ years of experience into expert surveillance services that efficiently meet your needs.

Is your child receiving proper care?

If you distrust your child’s second guardian and observe dubious behavior, our Arlington investigators will determine if your child is unsafe. The Agency Inc. will gather evidence of caretaker negligence, child abuse, and any aspects of your child’s environment that may jeopardize their physical or emotional well-being.

Our detectives will provide you with the information and tools you need to guarantee your child is always in a positive, nurturing situation. Let us ensure your child’s welfare and help give you peace of mind knowing they will soon be in safe and loving hands once again.

Do you suspect your spouse is cheating?

Stop the fighting and deception that comes along with adultery using The Agency Inc.’s infidelity investigators. Discreetly reveal what’s really going on during your spouse’s secretive day-to-day and online activities, meetings, and phone calls.

Using the latest technology and unparalleled expertise, we’ve caught over 600 unfaithful partners in Arlington, VA and throughout the rest of Virginia and Maryland.

Are you questioning your employee’s worker’s comp claim?

Unfortunately, you can’t always count on the people working for you to be honest. What you can count on though, is The Agency Inc.’s ability to identify and prove fraud through comprehensive worker’s compensation investigations. We use innovative surveillance strategies—like advanced listening devices and hidden cameras—to recognize and expose false claims and document the facts.

Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of; protect your business from making wrongful restitution payments with our worker’s comp surveillance.

Leave your concerns in the hands of the most reputable private investigators in Arlington, VA.

The Agency Inc. is here to help with all your investigation and surveillance needs. Our team of well-trained, devoted professionals will do everything they can to get you concrete, lifechanging results. Call or visit us online today to learn more about our elite services and get started on securing the answers you seek!