Personal, Civil & Employment Background Checks in Maryland

Background records are important evidence that show a person’s history, whether it is through their employment, education, finances or even criminal activities. These may be used and called upon when a person is applying for a job, applying for an apartment, or joining a business venture. The Agency Inc. verifies background records of all types for both commercial and personal reasons.

Backgrounds checks may be used for a wide variety of reasons and show a person’s history with employment, credit, living arrangements, education, even marriages and especially crimes. Because it is difficult to get a complete impression of someone through a few meetings and many people can easily hide their past, these investigations are paramount before hiring employees, accepting new tenants, or engaging in significant business with new people. Background checks are also recommended in some cases before marriages or cohabitation.

The Agency Inc. performs personal, criminal, civil, financial, and employment background checks, as well as social security number traces. Make sure you get all the facts about new people before engaging in important business. Call today for more information.