Criminal Background Information

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  • Federal Criminal Courts Search. All Regions, All Courts searched
  • OFAC Patriot Act Search
  • FBI’s Most Wanted
  • National Wants and Warrants
  • Sexual Offender Search – State’s Databases of Sexual Offenders
  • DUI’s
  • Nationwide Criminal Record Search (DPS/AOC/DOC)
    This report searches multiple criminal record sources which includes federal fugitive files, department of correction, prison parole and release files, national convicts database, probation records, and possibly records from other state agencies.
  • State search includes subject’s entire state of residence. Covers a seven year history, both felony and misdemeanor. You get detailed records including state police arrest records, suspended sentences, dismissals, probation, incarceration records and those involved in pre-trial intervention.
  • County search includes. On-Site search results may include: case number, charge offense, arrest file, disposition date, disposition, and sentence. County criminal record searches in the USA are available for all counties in the 50 states. These searches are the most comprehensive and accurate.