Private Investigator & Detective in Fredericksburg, VA

Since 1985, The Agency has been a renowned private investigation company. Based in Fredericksburg, VA we offer our services throughout surrounding Virginia counties and townships. We at The Agency Inc. have been in the investigative business for over forty years, and our experienced, discreet and professional staff are equipped to get the answers you seek in order to gain closure, justice or even peace of mind and security.

Fredericksburg, VA Background Investigations

Our specialty is in background investigations for employment, financial, business, civil, or criminal information purposes. We also provide investigations into child custodial cases and infidelity in an effort to reveal questionable behavior on the part of the spouse or guardian.

“Private Eyes” – Surveillance by Experienced Investigators

At The Agency Inc we utilize the latest in surveillance technology, and also sell various investigative products. Including but not limited to GPS tracking devices, listening devices, hidden cameras, and equipment to sweep for bugs to implement security or surveillance.

For all of your security and investigative needs, the Agency is here to assist you. Please browse our site for a list of our various services as well as our product page, and contact us with any questions. We are looking forward to helping you gain the answers and results you seek.