Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to obtain a private investigator?

If you click on “Pricing” at the top of our page, you will see a list of services we offer along with the prices. From background checks, tag runs, asset searches to locating an address for an individual, bank account locate, etc.

How much would it cost to have an investigator conduct surveillance?

Our current rates for surveillance are as follows:

*Prices subject to change without notice. For a 10-hour package, our hourly rate is currently $85.00 and $0.60 per mile. We would require a deposit of $900.00 to get started, which would afford you up to 10 hours of field services and or research and 100 miles. For a 20-hour package, our hourly rate does drop to $80.00 and $0.60 per mileage. We would require a deposit of $1,650.00 to get started, which would afford you up to 10 hours of surveillance and 100 miles, which would afford you up to 20 hours of field services and or research and 100 miles. For either of these packages, you, the client, would have complete charge of how your fund. We will never perform any work without having your authorization. You are free to use your time in one block or split it into different times and days. Please keep in mind that the time and mileage charges begin when the investigator departs their home base, and the time and mileage charges continue until the operative arrives back at their home base.

How are field services conducted?

Once a client requests a service, the office will set up a text thread, where all concerned parties (the owner, John Lopes, office manager, Rosy Portillo, and the operative(s) we have chosen for the investigation, and the client(s). can communicate simultaneously via a smartphone feature that allows the client to view messages on the/a smartphone screen. also known as a group chat wherein a field operative (licensed private detective for the state where the investigation will take place), we will begin with putting together a text thread (all concerned parties

consisting of the owner, John Lopes, office manager, Rosy Portillo, operative(s), and the client(s)

We are licensed, bonded, and insured in DC, MD & VA. We have investigators all over the DMV area. What we do is find the closest investigator to where surveillance would be needed and assign accordingly.

What are your hours of operation?

We are in the office Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. After hours and on weekends, we transfer the phones to both Mr. Lopes and the office manager’s cell phones. Therefore, we are available at any time.

We can conduct surveillance at any time, date, and location – 365 days a year, 24/7.

What is the procedure to get a GPS tracker installed?

Once we establish in which state is the marriage recognized? Secondly, the actual names on the vehicle registration to be tagged with a tracking device must sign a contract, thereby authorizing us to place a GPS device in or under the subject’s vehicle and unless your attorney tells us otherwise. We will not break the law and invade another’s privacy unless given that authority by our client. The state of Virginia does not allow us to install a GPS device unless the clients’ name is on the vehicle’s registration to be tagged. Documentation of this would be required to proceed.

In the state of Maryland, the client would have to be legally married to the subject. Also especially important, the vehicle would have to have been purchased after the marriage to be considered a marital asset. Next: the client would have their name on the registration of the vehicle. All our devices will show you real-time live tracking with updates everyone minute unless the car is at a stopped location. All you would need is a web browser that you can view from a cell phone, computer, laptop, or tablet. We will provide you with the website, username, and password so that you can log in and see the subject’s movements at any time of the day, as many times as you wish, in REALTIME!

What would be the cost of the GPS tracker?

There is a fee for installing, removing, and swapping of a device with a fresh battery. It would be at your hourly rate plus mileage. Once installed, the tracker fee would be $10.00 a day and will continue until the tracker is returned or retrieved. We do allow the removal of a GPS unit by our client or a designated support

member! Suppose the client is so inclined to save a few dollars by removing the device and shipping it to one of our local offices in either Maryland or Virginia. Be sure to remind us that you want to save a few $$!

If interested in just the tracker, then the fee would be $25.00 a day, with a $325.00 refundable deposit (this is if the tracker gets lost, confiscated, etc.

How long does the battery life last on the tracker?

Typically, they will last approximately 2-4 weeks, depending primarily on the amount of driving the subject drives. When the vehicle tagged with a named into a covered structure, such as a parking garage, it will have difficulty triangulating its location, which will run the battery down quickly. Once the battery level reaches near 25%, we recommend scheduling a swap of the dead device with a fully charged device. We will try our best to remind the client of the dwindling battery in the GPS unit!

What is your refund policy?

If there are funds in your account upon closing for any reason, all that is needed is to send an email stating you would like to close your account. Your file would be officially closed, and a refund issued back to the client in the manner given to us.

If funds, deposited into a client’s account utilizing a debit or by credit card, we will refund all unused funds to that card and only that card. If we received the funds in cash deposits made to our corporate account, we would mail a check to the client within 2 to 4 weeks. Our contract states that within 30 days from the date the file is officially closed, any money left in your account will be refunded back to you the same way payment was received. We are allowing ourselves additional time in the event of an emergency! Life happens!

Feel free to call us seven days a week between the hours of 8:00 am and 10:00 pm for a free consultation at toll-free 1-877-420-1489.