A message to our clients

Our client’s concerns are our primary concerns! We take as many steps as necessary to ensure you, the client, get the reassurance you need. We will work and do our best to bring you the evidence you may need for your case. Before all surveillance work, we set up a text thread between the client, owner/chief investigator, Mr. John Lopes, the investigator who will be conducting the surveillance, and the office manager. Therefore, you will know what is going on as the surveillance is taking place. During the surveillance operation, if you feel you have enough evidence or not much activity will be taking place that day, you can send a text message in the thread and alert the investigator you would like to end surveillance. From there, the investigator will acknowledge your request and break off. You will be provided a time and date stamped photo via the text thread upon arrival, periodically during surveillance, and at the departure from the investigator’s assigned destination on site. We understand every situation and case is different, and you may be going through a difficult time in life at that point, and we want to be able to be there for you to help as much as possible and take some pressure off of you. We are a team, and we will get through this together!

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