Do You Suspect Insurance Fraud? Here’s What to Look For

Unsurprisingly, some individuals attempt to game the system in a world where insurance claims are as common as the air we breathe. Insurance fraud is a serious issue that costs companies billions and impacts honest policyholders. However, identifying fraudulent activities isn’t always straightforward. It requires a keen eye and an understanding of the red flags… Read more »

Signs You Might Need Private Investigator Services

There are moments when uncertainties arise, and questions linger unanswered. Whether it’s suspicions about a partner’s fidelity, concerns over a business partner’s integrity, or uncertainties regarding a family member’s whereabouts, these uncertainties can weigh heavily on one’s mind. In such instances, seeking the services of a private investigator could provide the clarity and peace of… Read more »

The Psychic Mistress

At this point in my career, it was now going on 27 years since I began working as a private detective over 10,000 days. A private investigator’s work is an ongoing affair – short days, long nights, and extended weekends. If not most days, some routinely stretch into nights that frequently intermingle from one day… Read more »

A message to our clients

Our client’s concerns are our primary concerns! We take as many steps as necessary to ensure you, the client, get the reassurance you need. We will work and do our best to bring you the evidence you may need for your case. Before all surveillance work, we set up a text thread between the client,… Read more »

The Agency Inc- 40th Anniversary

On October 29th, 2019, we celebrated our 40th anniversary in the private detective business, where we have been providing answers to the difficult questions for our clients here and abroad! We are licensed in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia! Click here for a full list of services.

Crimes Against The Elderly!

September 19, 2019 The following is a true accounting of a current problem in America. It so happened that today as I picked up where I had left off relating this problem, I received a call from another woman who asked that we locate her dear friend who was in one of the hundreds of… Read more »